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Fallout 4 – Slaughtering Buzz Axe

Slaughtering-Buzz-Axe-fallout4modsThe Buzz Axe is based on and inspired by the very same from the Borderlands franchise.
Upgrades include different saw blades with damaging effects and other attachments. See the ReadMe tab for a full description of mods. The buzz-whatever in Automatron only has a single mod (one!); this Buzz Axe has six.
Yes, the blades spin.


Install with NMM or another manager or extract the main file to your Fallout 4 data folder. This is usually located in your steam games folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data.
By default, the Buzz Axe is stand alone so players will need to console themselves the weapon. Open up the console in game by pressing the tilde (~) key and type the following:
player.additem xx000800
1.1 also adds an optional file which includes Buzz Axe variants in merchant’s inventories and gives them to Raiders, so no need to use the console.

*Note that xx should be replaced with the load order index of Buzz_Axe.esp (this mod).

Credits: TrickyVein

File Details:18 MB / ZIP
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