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Fallout 4 – Skyrim Dance Animations

skyrim-dance-animations-fallout4modsI should make this two months ago, right after my pose mod published. The only reason why it is so late is because I never use Blender to make an animation until yesterday…. (The animation conversion can only be done with a Blender tool “pose converter” made by gerra6 in LL.)

This mod currently has few dance ported from a skyrim mod “Dance Animation Modder Resource” by umpa, and I will append more when I feel it’s time.

**Note: All the animation is converted by programs automatically, so they may look weird due to transformation among various skeletons.

1) use NMM , or download manually.
2) activating the mod in NMM or extracting the archive to the FO4 data folder.
3) make sure you have the following lines to your “Fallout4Custom.ini”

[Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1

PS1: there is a good tutorial about FO4 mod installation, checking it if you don’t know how.

Credits: umap, gerra6, [email protected]

File Details:158 KB / ZIP
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