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Fallout 4 – Simple BOS Uniform for CBBE BodySlide


Simple BOS Uniform for CBBE BodySlide for Fallout 4.

What a Simple is this!
I know!
just install with NMM or MO
or Copy n Paste loose files into your Data folder

this mod will convert following clothing in game

BOS officer uniform
BOS uniform

NOTICE!!! This mod doesn’t changing BOS Soldier uniform!

i don’t know why, but it seems using different NIF file… and i just can’t find it 🙁

Ah, the BodySlide gave me a POWER!
and of course, You can customize the shape of model by using Bodyslide!
BodySlide is HERE!
what a marvelous creation of human technology! Thanks Caliente
and also, you gonna need CBBE too
You must have CBBE!
In bodyslide menu, it will appear as

zz BOS uniform

just scroll down and you will find it!

How can i get those breast?
Ah, right i use calyps’s(is that right?) texture!
Check this out!

Credits: justice

File Details:500 KB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Simple BOS Uniform for CBBE BodySlide -


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