Fallout 4 – Shields and Shieldside Weapons

shields-and-shieldside-weapons-fallout4modsThe shieldside weapons are standalone verisons of the normal melee weapons but with the unarmed animations so you block with the shield.

Currently there is only one shield: the Trash Can Lid (MORE ARE UPCOMING)

Install with any mod manager-

There is an optional Crafting Workbench Patch to craft the Shield and the Shieldside weapons, otherwise to use the items:

Use console:
help shieldside 4 (for the shieldside weapons) or help shield 4 (for the shields) then player.additem id (id is the result of the help command next to the desired item’s name)

Credit(s): BOTLANNER

Download - Fallout 4 – Shields and Shieldside Weapons

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