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Modifications to the settlement menu may require this as a resource. Download this mod and enable the .esm file. If modifications do not use this resource it will default the menu back to normal.

Note: On the initial release no mods currently use this resource, this is a push to try and get everyone in unison. It’s an attempt to solve the Keyword and FormID overflow. Just need to get authors on board.

Mod Authors

This is to create a keyword list that is both user friendly and readable. As well as combat the custom menus and keywords that are consistently being pushed out. This will make settlement menu sorting a hell of a lot easier. Not to mention it will help combat keyword and form id overflow.

After seeing how Valdacil & Gambit77 did their framework. I believe this could also apply to the Settlement Menus to help combat overflow. I haven’t added any additional FormIDs. This means that all FormIDs are standard and we’ll be using Keywords to push things into categories. I’ve also taken a look at all the popular modifications and added predefined sections that will help them organize their mods into this resource.

Everything is setup for the most popular modifications to use this resource, the question is. Will they do it?

Not to mention no more compatibility patches for menus!

Okay, how do I use it?
I’ve provided a lovely google document to help you learn how to use it. All instructions are provided inside.
Google Document Link
There’s also a .PDF if you’re into that kind of thing.

Best case scenario, if everyone uses this we won’t have to make menu compatibility patches anymore.
Compatibility patches will no longer rely on everyone’s ego to make them.
We may be able to push the limitation of object count and keyword overflow further just by using less categories in a smarter manner.

How many Keywords does this add?

How many FormIDs does this add?

I went through the menus and took all of the unused FormIDs and converted them into usable ones. All the ones that were hidden and didn’t have items assigned can now have items assigned to them. We’re pretty much sitting on Vanilla FormID and Keyword count with this.

Credits: Stuyk

File Details:130 KB / ZIP
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