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Fallout 4 – Seburo M5 Duo

Seburo is a fictional fire arm company from the universe of shirow masamune (Seburo weapons are greatly used in ghost in the shell and appleseed universe.)
The Seburo M5 handgun is used as a sidearm by section 9 operatives, mostly seen in use by Motoko Kusanagi. It is classified as an SA/DA concealed handgun with a 3.5 inch barrel

What You Will Get
9 receivers : classic vanilla damage improvements
8 frames : standard, and all mix with silencer, light and laser module and extended mag
damage modifier From loose ammo to army selected .45 (0 to +99% damage)
ammo capacity 12 rounds magasine. extended 24 (double, you have two of them !)
materials blue steel, black or chrome

Where Will You Get This Gun?
You’ll get it in the chemlab under the dual seburo category, or by console using the keyword “dualm5”

Animations in 1st and 3rd person. Please give him kudo for the job he have done.

Blender, outfitt studio, nifscope, paintnet, gimp, fo4edit, bethesda CK, audacity, wavosaur, hkxpack, armor paint

Credits: Sayaheca

Download Fallout 4 – Seburo M5 Duo - Modsup.com

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