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Fallout 4 – Ratty Skirt Retextured

ratty-skirt-retextured-fallout4Ratty Skirt Retextured for Fallout 4. Love the Ratty Skirt in Fallout 4 – her square shoulders and muscular arms make many clothes hang oddly on Jack, but the Ratty Skirt’s belt shows her feminine figure. And it’s practical, looks comfortable, and I don’t have to worry about wrecking it if the wasteland has done that for me. And that jacket is sweet!

So why the mod then? Well. I am very much NOT a fan of pink, or floral. Both together? Count me out! But… that Ratty Skirt though…
…time to take to Photoshop!

Okay, I may have gotten crazy and made a whole bunch of versions. And, being texture replacers (rather than unique outfits), you’d have to choose only the one. Good luck with that. (Personally I started with GrungeVictorian, but fell for GrungeText.)

The texture wrap is at the back. Trying to get a clean tesselation is (a) a nightmare and (b) not how clothing works, anyhow. So in addition to new fabrics, I have adding hemming to make that texture break ‘intentional’. I’d have preferred if that break was on the hip, but what can one do?

I have the *.psd saved with layers preserved, so if there is a fabric you would like to see, let me know. (Make sure you have permission to use it! Stock textures are great for this.)

Pick which replacer you want, first. (You can only use the one.) Look inside your preferred folder, and you’ll see a ‘textures’ folder. Just drag that into your Fallout4/Data directory, and everything is peachy!
Want the texture gone so you can dress up as grandma’s armchair again? That’s simple. Head to Data/Textures/Clothing/WastelandDress and delete the file in there. (You don’t need to delete the folders, but you can if there’s nothing else in them.)

Credits: snackrat

File Details:17,4 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Ratty Skirt Retextured -


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