Fallout 4 – Prewar Females Wear Dresses Only


Prewar Females Wear Dresses Only for Fallout 4.

I found it a bit odd that Fallout 4 adds pre-war outfits that do not turn into dresses on female characters. This mod alters all women in pre-war Sanctuary Hills to be wearing dresses. This basically only changes Nora and one neighbor that I noticed with shorts.

Them women wearing men’s clothes. It ain’t right… These women must now wear pink dresses to atone for not dressing like a woman.

Before I get flamed: I believe all people have the right to wear a dress or not as they see fit. I think that this a little bit funny and maybe a little bit more lore-friendly. I also think that girls are prettier in dresses.

Test:This mod tested by newmods.net

Credit(s): BitMage

Download - Fallout 4 – Prewar Females Wear Dresses Only

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