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Fallout 4 – Prelude To Vault 273


Prelude To Vault 273 Quest for Fallout 4. Adds a breadcrumb trail of audio logs scatterd across the wasteland. 5 unique items and craftables, 10 audio logs, 5 unique buffs from dabearz!

Start in sanctuary root cellar, the one behind that blue house.

The audio logs will tell you where to go next.

One of the bears is only accessible if you’ve done a certain quest for a ghoul who likes to play with toys (I think), or you can disable the door rofl

The Mireman keep saying Mininuke when clearly it takes MireNukes for ammo, can’t fix till ck apparently, I’ve tried everything except making it a off record unmoddable weapon like the Explosive sniper.

Audio will continue to play in menus, nother wait for CK thing, there was a checkbox in skyrim to pause during menu or some shit IIRC

All the buffs are working, the stat one like Luck mods Luck it doesn’t add to the base so won’t apply to perk acquiring but will apply to everything else luck related.

The bears do not need to be held onto once acquired, but they are once again on radio bases (Didn’t want them to get knocked around during explosions etc) and probably are wood if you shoot them rofl they are basically the build a bear bases clearly.

The Zeus rifle is dangerous AF at close range, it has a bad habit of treating the player like a lightning rod which makes sense since you’re holding a giant metal object but it’s unintended, but funny..

It may prompt to overwrite shit from BAB if it’s still installed, go for it or don’t doesn’t matter, it uses the same files there’s no conflict.

Credits: DDProductions83

File Details:51 MB / ZIP
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