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Fallout 4 – PRE-CK – Quest – XMAS Mod

pre-ck-quest-xmas-mod-fallout4modsPre-CK mod… It’s that time of year again! Remade from (inspired by) a Skyrim mod of mine. 

A simplistic quest to help Santa slay three “Naughty-Claws”…

Of course, it has been completely downgraded because of the lack of official tools. It still works, though.

To start the quest, go through the magic trap door near Vault 111. Find the note. You’ll know what to do when you get there.

Bring lots of Stimpacks and ammo. You’ll need to. Oh, and the added worldspace has no navmeshes…so don’t even CONSIDER bringing followers in there. Period.

And lastly, the music is ROYALTY-FREE! I didn’t just grab random, copyrighted songs and blindly add them to my mod. Don’t bug me about it.

Credits: DumdogsWorld

File Details:91,6 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – PRE-CK – Quest – XMAS Mod - Modsup.com


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