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Fallout 4 – Play as Skeleton


Play as Skeleton for Fallout 4.

A mod to play as skeleton. There are trhee versions:

Skeleton Head: The skeleton body equipe to a ring slot, just the head change.
Full Skeleton: All the body, except hands, become skeleton, but this use cloth slot and you can’t be able to equipe some armors.
Bloody Skeleton: Like Full Skeleton, but the original gore skeleton from the game.


Jus type: help skeleton 4. After that, use the player.additem


If you have a ideia to make the full body compatible with all armors and cloths, please, just say.
If you know how to make the hands skeleton without extreme clipping, i’m all ears.

Credits: Cristian Lazaro

File Details:3 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – Play as Skeleton -


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