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Updated list of features is in the description below!

Let’s be honest here; the Pipe Guns in Fallout 4 are some of the coolest looking weapons in the game, and they are so lore friendly it actually hurts. But the problem is simple. You get a few quests done here and there, you explore the Commonwealth and some higher level bad guys appear and DESTROY you with their advanced space age pre-war weapons, that they looted from an alien ship a pre-war military installation. So you re-load your latest auto save, and tearfully part ways with some of the most aesthetically pleasing guns in the game.

But what if I told you there was a way to keep these guns and not get slaughtered?

This mod aims to do that!

I have increased the base damage of the Pipe Gun, Pipe Revolver and Bolt Action Pipe Sniper Rifle to something that could actually compete with the more powerful pre-war guns, so long as you can use some crafty tactics like using the built in cover mechanism, other tricks. I also modified some other things for the Pipe Gun. Anyway, here is a complete list of features:

Pipe Gun base damage has been raised from 13 to 24 (-6 from the Assault Rifle)
Pipe Revolver base damage has been raised from 24 to 32 (-16 from the .44 Magnum, due to using .45 rounds stock)
Bolt Action Pipe Sniper Rifle base damage has been raised from 34 to 38 (+1 from the Hunting Rifle)
Pipe Gun uses .45 rounds stock rather than .38, to justify the jump in power Changed default ammo back to .38, and slightly nerfed the base damage stat to compensate
Consequently, the .45 Receiver mod for the Pipe Gun has been changed to the 5.56 receiver The 5.56 receiver has been changed back to the .45 receiver
The .45 receiver has had a multiplier increase, giving it more power over the base damage stat to compensate for nerfing.
The .45 receiver mod has been changed to require Gun Nut level 4, to make it a slightly more end game modification

Feel free to suggest changes to the mod in the comments! I’ll be working on more re-balances and other mods, so be on the look out!

Credits: CaptainCadmium

File Details:2 KB / ZIP
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