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Fallout 4 – One more Vaultsuit retex


One more Vaultsuit retex for Fallout 4.

Just one more Vaultsuit retex.

After the release of CBBE i think i need a new texture for the vaultsuit that use the CBBE curves, so i highly recommend use this with CBBE.

This time i start from zero, bake new normals, paint the model etc…

The next step is to learn how to make this standalone, and after i will start to drop new meshes in the game, some Bethesda UV’s are a pain to work without the original model…

If you have any suggestion for color combination let me know and i will make it.

What i use in the screenshot
CBBE (of course!)
ENB (i am using 0.4)

If you don’t like, stay away, if you have suggestions, drop a comment.

Update: I add some colors variants to the files, check the gallery to know what is what.


Sorry for any english mistakes, is not my native language.

Credits: ralfetas

File Details:12 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – One more Vaultsuit retex -


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