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Fallout 4 – Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles for Fallout 4.

Wraparound Night Vision Goggles Standalone

Version 1.0

Based on the Wraparound Goggles

Night vision activates when entering stealth mode*




Easy way: use NMM

Manual installaton: Extract the Zip file, and copy it’s content to your /Steam/…/Fallout4/Data folder.

The Zip should include the WraparoundNVG.esp and the folders materials, meshes and Textures

Enable the .esp in your laucher.

How to get them:

You can craft the NVG at a Chem Station: Fiber Optics (1), Fiberglass (1), Adhesive (1), Plastic (1)

Or you spawn them with the console: player.additem XX000800 1


Credits: mbw1

File Details:4 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Night Vision Goggles -


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