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Fallout 4 – New TV – New Video

I decided to modify one of the TV models by replacing it with it’s pre-war counterpart which looks quite nice.

Current Notes:

1. The TV only plays about 1 second of PC master race steam sale nonsense. I am looking to fix this very shortly.

2. After I fix (1.) I will add a detailed tutorial for changing the animations on the TV so you can put whatever you like on it!

3. The TV completely replaces it’s run-down counterpart in the workshop. The other 2 TV models are still there for you to use.

4. Here is my updated thread which I discussed (with myself) the process I took to get this mod to where it is: Forum Post!

5. I am planning for an open source TV show of some sort to play as well as synchronized audio which could immerse the player massively.

Credits: TroJanViru5

File Details:20,3 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – New TV – New Video -


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