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Fallout 4 – Neo-Vaultsuit

(Note: Screenshots are taken by the entrance to my base in GrayGarden, in direct light from several lamps. Mesh intensity will be more subtle in most situations in game, but is adjustable via options if it turns out to be too much or too little for you in game.)

This is:
A revised vault suit with custom normals, specular, and a ton of options that cover your packs and pouches too for a complete, integrated look. This gives the vaultsuit a slightly futuristic look you may expect of a society that had access to near limitless fusion energy for a couple centuries. It could be said it makes your Soul Survivor look a bit like a super hero (or can depending on options chosen) and frankly I am okay with that. Seriously how many minutes into the game did it take for you to become a God of Death and the Savior of the Commonwealth? With a little skill you can easily replace a whole army of NPC’s, so you gotta look the part.

I mean you’re either playing as a war hero who had legit military training, or an attorney… a female at attorney at that so you really cannot justify wondering around in filthy rancid rags. Neither of these two would put up with such terribly maintained gear. Sure in the first 10 minutes you may be disoriented, but pretty soon you have a mountain of Abraxo… but seemingly no clue how to wash your damn suit. So no… these will not see a dirty version.

Personally the idea in my head, is that this is something your character makes after they realize they are like Neo from the matrix, and need a sweet outfit to match their skills.

For the moment at least, this is a Texture Replacer.
It Replaces the textures for Vaultsuit 111 – New as well as all the textures from WBaP
If you don’t use Wearable Backpacks and Pouches then it won’t matter much. If you however come to your sense at a later date, Install that mod first, then Install/re-Install this mod over it so the style carries over onto the items added in WBaP too.

As for how you get it in game though: The only vaultsuit this touches is the NEW vaultsuit you see in the intro, and you find in a sealed bag on your way out of the intro area, just before opening the big door. This is to keep randoms from having your snazzy super survivor suit. If you lost, destroyed, or had to eat that suit out of desperation, you can add another by entering “player.additem 000976b7 1” minus quotes into the console.
To get the cool matching bags and packs you need to have WBaP installed before this, and let this one over right it. Then craft the items in game from the Backpack workbench as per normal.

These may yet get an official crafting version to make them recipes… but not right away, not till I am sure I can do it without conflicts… and I still want to actually play the game some too. Already spent 2 weeks making a ton of options for you guys that I personally may never use lol
It would mean adding at least 119 new recipes… so I am not eager to do it right now.
For now if you wanna see all options in game just do a manual DL. Then in NMM do “Install From File” option. Pick your colors etc, then load up the game. when you wanna swap colors go back to NMM, disable, and delete Neo-Vaultsuit and Install from file again so it triggers the install menu again.
(I haven’t found an easier way to re-trigger the install options menu… but I rarely use NMM)

Anyway, enough chatter. Go check the pics, but bare in mind screenshots do not do justice to this sort of effect at all, thus I would strongly advise trying it in game before deciding if you love it or hate it. Even videos make it hard to showcase shine, env map, and glow effects due to file compression so you won’t really have a good picture till you see it in game.

This has:
12 Main Color options that can each be used with 5 separate Trim Color options, and 3 intensities for the Metallic Mesh effect.
There are 5 special themed sets, including Hello Kitty (color matched to the other HK content already on Nexus), 420, and some Neons.
And all of these effects spill over to effect your Backpacks and pouches for a matching themed set.
Leather elements on the WBaP and New Vaultsuit were color and specular effect matched to vanilla shadowed leather.
I think that comes to 185 possible combos… so please just use the fomod installer…
I wasted a the time to make it, don’t let my sacrifice be in vain.

First off, if you want this to cover backpacks too, install that mod first, so this can override its textures and mats.
If you want Backpacks to have vanilla textures… for some odd reason, install this after.

I am going to recommend doing a manual download to where ever you store FO4 crap.
You can DL with manager too, just helps to have another local copy for faster re-installs.
In NMM or whatever mod manager you use, do “Install From File”, Nav to the DL’d file.
Then you can install it from the mod list to get the options menu.
When you want to try out new colors/options then Disable, and Delete it, so you can “Install From File” again

Alternatively you can re-download it again if you used the manager, or open the Mod Directory with the button in NMM before deleting it, copy Neo-VaultSuit1_0.7z to the desktop, then install from file to save some time, and bandwidth.

Maybe there is an easier way of making NMM redo the install options menu but I haven’t found it.

Manual Install:
If you know what you’re doing enough to do this at all, then you probably don’t need my help.
Simply put, if you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t do a manual install. If you’re a competent modder you can probably figure out the structure super easy; install 0 files first, then 1, and skip 2 and 3 if the color you picked has 1-3 before it.
If you want to try new colors, always follow the order. Drop the 0 files in first, then 1 for a color, and possibly 2 and 3.

Q: When will you make a craftable version?
A: Maybe never. Maybe next week. Either way asking will have zero impact on it. Depends on free time and personal interest. I made this because I wanted it and no other mod provided it. When I have the urge to deck out companions in rainbow vaultsuits then maybe I’ll make em craftable lol.

Q: Isn’t this just like the Proto-VaultSuit?
A: If you’re asking whether I just dumped the Specular data to the diffuse map, no, no I did not. I liked the idea of that mod, but the Tim Burton’ish resault sadly did not appeal to me. Highlighting the mesh weave aspect of the texture is cool, but that one seemed way to dark and grainy for me. I cleaned the original mesh texture out of all the vanilla maps, then layered in my own from scratch. I still gotta give kudos to the Proto-Suit for giving people options early on though. In Borderlands I’d love it, just not in FO4. Some of their newer options may turn my head, I dunno. Haven’t looked at that one in a while.
Edit: Just checked, and their new experimental ones look pretty neat, but I want Wanderer/Traveler packs to look neat too.

Q: Can I haz one in Fusha?
A: Probably not. May tag on additional options later but the file is already pretty huge even 7zipped. Also it takes ages just exporting out all the .DDS files for each option. If zee peoples request something enough it may be rolled in, or added as an optional file. For the moment I just want to play again… took a week and a half off to make this mod here. Wanna get some play time now.

Q: Why your file so big?
A: Options man, they eat up the bandwidth hard. Also remember mine covers all the Wearable Backpacks and Pouches too, in all colors. So you can wear you clean Vault 111 jumpsuit as under armor, shadowed leather/metal/CA and backpack/pouches with a smooth integrated look.

Credits: TenderPaw aka rainrtw

File Details:100 MB / ZIP
Download Link #1


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