Fallout 4 – NCR Gear – Standalone

ncrgear-fallout4NCR Gear standalone mod for Fallout 4.
(Completely standalone, not just a retexture.)
This mod is basically an update of my 1st Recon beret, and it has an additional thingy: NCR fatigues.
Basically, I edited the textures of the original beret I had made a bit (made the 1st recon insignia less gigantic and more in tune with what it was like in New Vegas) and I also created a new set of NCR fatigues with the flag on the shoulder of the outfit.
I find that the best armor pieces to go with this are the vanilla leather armor set. Right arm armor does cover the flag, however.
You can only get the gear through console at the moment. When the GECK comes out, I’ll make a vendor that sells Mojave-themed gear. For now, type help beret 0 and help fatigues 0 in the console to find the items.

Again, disclaimer, I didn’t port this from NV. These are vanilla meshes with custom textures made standalone.
And before another person asks, no, I didn’t use the replacer that’s currently on the nexus for the 1st recon beret. This is all my own work.

Credit(s): Foedawg

Download - Fallout 4 – NCR Gear – Standalone

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