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Fallout 4 – NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR_AE patch


This patch was built by deconstructing Gambit77’s Armorsmith Protypes Extended patch and with reference to the tutorials and forum posts that he has generously provided. I couldn’t have made this without the work done by Gambit77 and Valdacil on AE/AWKCR. If you want to give someone credit or thanks, if you haven’t already done so, visit their mods and profiles, endorse and award kudos.

This patch mirrors the structure and functionality of Prototypes Extended but is limited to the NanoArmor 2.0.

If you’ve got the available mod space, I highly recommend checking out Prototypes Extended and it’s parents mods and trying them out in your game. I use all of them and they’re all great.

Credits: SkyCrap Feckin Games

File Details:3 KB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR_AE patch -


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