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Fallout 4 – Minutemen General’s Uniform Buff

minutemen-generals-uniform-buff-fallout4modsBoosted the Minutemen General’s stats to combine the effects of equipment I used for lugging loot to a vendor and interacting with NPCs all into one piece for non-combat convenience; it’s not intended to improve battle-worthiness.

+3 Charisma
+80 Carry Weight

Again, this is a pure convenience piece. I got tired of all my Deep Pocketed/Strength buffs going away just because I wanted to use Charisma gear in town, forcing me to plod along at an agonizingly slow pace, so I just added my total Carry Weight boost to this one piece (not as Strength, just pure Carry Weight). Now I can go into town and have my usual Charisma bonus without wanting to tear my hair out because I suddenly can’t run anymore. Sure I could continue to constantly juggle gear to achieve similar results, but honestly, is that what you want to be doing? No. You’re busy. There are too many Raiders and Super Mutants to kill and not enough hours in the day.

Plus, screw Reginald’s Suit for having an amazing +3 Charisma. That thing looks like garbage. If any outfit in the game deserves that kind of Charisma buff, the Minutemen General’s Outfit is it. Thus, I’ve corrected Bethesda’s unforgivably egregious oversight. You’re welcome.

1.0.1: Added a version that is compatible with the Minutemen Overhaul mod. Load this mod after Overhaul.

Credits: PrimalNine

File Details:720 Bayt / ZIP
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