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Fallout 4 – Military Caps Extended


Military Caps Extended for Fallout 4.

This Mod only changes the military cap entry. It adds eight new re-textured military caps which you can get by upgrading a standard military cap at an armor work bench. Upgrading requires a standard military cap, armorer rank 1, 1 adhesive, and 1 cloth. This mod does not change the standard military cap texture and should be compatible with any mods that do. Upgraded military caps will also change there name to reflect the new cap type.

Installation – Choose just one to install. Use NMM.

v1.0 – Upgrade any military cap to one of the eight new caps.
v1.1 – Upgrade any military cap to one of the eight new caps and also have access to vault suit and ballistic upgrades on it.

Military cap textures are located in your data folder at textures/clothes/berets. Want a different military cap texture to replace one of mine. Do a manual download of the textures you want and replace the textures _d and _n by the cap of the same name in that folder.

Thanks to Bethesda and F04Edit.

Credits: Valeran

File Details:16,1 MB / RAR
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