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Fallout 4 – Mama Murphy’s Headwrap

Mama Murphy’s Headwrap for Fallout 4.

This simply splits Mama Murphy’s existing outfit, which is called, “Beaded Blazer”, into two parts.

The existing clothing item no longer includes the headwrap, which is moved to a new item called, “Beaded Headwrap”.

The +1 Luck bonus from the original one-piece outfit is now in the headwrap. I figure it’s part of The Sight.

Mama Murphy’s default outfit is modified to equip her with both items.

As a bonus, the existing blazer item is no longer marked as hidden in her inventory. Equip another body piece on Mama and you will be able trade the item to other characters, if you wish.

Why Split It?

When I equip my settlers with new gear, I like to keep their original appearance from the neck up. This makes it easier to identify them at a glance.

Unfortunately, giving Mama Murphy any clothing at all causes her entire one-piece head-to-toe outfit to unequip. There is no way to wear just her headwrap. This mod solves that issue for me.


Preferably, install with Nexus Mod Manager. It’s just plain easy this way.

If you prefer manual installs, the details are left as an exercise to you. You presumably already know how to install a simple .esp mod.

When loading a pre-existing game, Mama Murphy will not have the full outfit, so:

– Make sure she has her blazer and it is equipped.
– Unequip and remove everything *else* from her inventory.
– Open the debug console.
– Type this, then hit enter: 1a4d9.removeitem 4d6ae
– Her torso and the top of her head should disappear.
– Close the console.
– Be amazed that she is now wearing the correct new outfit.

When starting a new game:

– Play until you find Mama Murphy.
– Be amazed that she is already wearing the correct new outfit.


Before uninstallation, you should get rid of the headwrap in-game. This will avoid any potential complications. Also, if you want the blazer equipped after uninstallation, make sure to do it now, as afterwards it will be hidden in the UI and you will not be able to manipulate it.

To uninstall, use either Nexus Mod Manager or your manual-uninstallation-sk1llz to remove the mod.

When loading your game, you may be warned that it relies on content that is missing. Do not be alarmed. This is expected.
The blazer should return to its original role as blazer+headwrap.

Credits: AikenHasAHat

File Details:100 KB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – Mama Murphy’s Headwrap -


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