Fallout 4 – Maid dresses


Maid dresses for Fallout 4.

a simple and fast retex of a maids dress, replacing the “Laundered denim dress” “002075be” for now.
the 2nd file is the same dress and replaces the same dress, however its a bit ripped up at the bottom looking more fitting to the game.

using (Laundered dress hepler kit by Siraxx) as a starting point as they already had the right length I was trying to make.
if my dress seems bugy for you and isn’t as short as it looks in my screenshots then download laundered dress helper kit and then load mine after, as for some reason my dresses sometimes don’t work with out that mod for me.

my dresses aren’t anything special but will do till someone makes a better one.

I also recommend that anyone wanting to play with these dresses to also get a mod with stockings as my dresses don’t have any, and I don’t think it looks very good without leggings. something like (A Change of Underwear by Dahakka DA) or (Naughty Nightwear by Leito86) will do nicely

Credit(s): jackalx137

Download - Fallout 4 – Maid dresses

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