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Fallout 4 – Mad Hatter – More Hats for Everyone


Mad Hatter – More Hats for Everyone for Fallout 4.

Do you like hats? Do you hate the piss-yellow trilby in the vanilla game? Are you displeased with the boring gray fedora and its yellow counterpart? Mad Hatter will remedy that for ya! Mad Hatter adds several new hats with which to fancify your settlers or to decorate your personal cranial dome! From Dogpiss the trilby to the New Vegas Duster fedora, there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Current Features
The following hats have been added as standalone pieces of clothing to the game, meaning they do not replace any existing textures or objects.
Houndsblood, a deep red dog-tooth-patterned trilby for the angry, vicious, or anyone who just likes red
Sky Blue Trilby, a sky blue dog-tooth-patterned trilby for anyone stuck in the clouds
Ladies Touch, a magenta/purple dog tooth-patterned trilby for the ladies or the dapper/pimptastic gentleman
Grass Stain, a grass green dog-tooth-patterned trilby for the nature lovers
Dogpiss, a piss-colored dog-tooth-patterned trilby for those looking for a fancier piss-colored trilby
Yblirt, for anyone who just likes things inverted for some stupid reason

Scabbs, a dry-blood-colored fedora for the seasoned adventurer
Battered Green Fedora, for those who just want a simple green fedora
Lady Grabber, a magenta/purple fedora for the ladies and the dapper/pimptastic gentleman
New Vegas Duster; for the NCR trooper, desert wanderers, and more
Battered Sky Blue Fedora, for the fedora lover stuck in the clouds
Battered Blue Fedora, for the fedora lover stuck in a puddle

ALL hats in this mod can be found through normal means. They may be randomly found in the same containers as their vanilla counterparts, and also upon the craniums of various settlers and other Commonwealth wastelanders.

Follow standard installation protocol: download with Nexus Mod Manager, double-click in your mod list to install. Make sure AR7_MadHatter.esp is activated in the plugin list, then you’re good to go!

This mod changes item lists containing clothing for various containers and settlers. That being said, this mod will not be compatible with other mods which modify settler clothing lists or the item lists for containers which might contain the vanilla battered fedora or trilby. I will not make compatibility patches. If you would like a compatibility patch, please contact the author of the other mod.

I may add more hat variants in the future. I just made this mod for myself because I was sick to death of the boring gray fedora, pissy yellow fedora, and pissy yellow trilby, and thought I’d share.

Credits: Ar7ific1al

File Details:3,1 MB / ZIP
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