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Fallout 4 – Lucifer’s Long Tuxedo

Lucifer’s Long Tuxedo mod for Fallout 4.

Lucifer watched Matrix and liked it, now you can get a red long tux. ORDER NOW only 666 caps. A remodelling and retexturing of the tuxedo, including cloth physics. New Update fixes most clipping issues and includes a Female version.

If you want to get one instantly open the console and type player.additem 000fc395 1 The red number determines the amount of suits you will get.


1 Go to your fallout 4 savegame location and open the fallou4 ini file.
2 change the line ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\ to ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MESHES\
3 extract the files into your data folder

Updates and Plans

At this point not much, female version is released.

Bugs and issues

Clipping issue has been fixed with the additional fix download I provided the suit looks like a one single piece. But it looses it’s fancy clean shimmer, for some reason CrazyBump just can’t convert diffuse textures with 100% quality and they look slightly more dirty.

Credits and permits

Ousinius for Bodyslide I used to make the model. Other than that, texturing is my work and the models are vanilla. You have full permission to use the assets of my mod for whatever plans you have.

Credits: -

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Download Fallout 4 – Lucifer’s Long Tuxedo - Modsup.com

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