Fallout 4 – Light Blue Surgical Mask Retex

Light Blue Surgical Mask Retex for Fallout 4.

A simple re-texture of the surgical mask to something along the lines of the light blue ones you see in hospitals. Most of the grime is gone as well, though I kept some that went along with the crinkles to accent them a bit more, that and make it just a little used looking.

I laid the texture out in a way that it looks a little like the masks with the folds, but it’s not too terribly pronounced and isn’t made of the same material as those types are.

Be great to have some larger pictures if someone’s willing to do that. I have to play the game at a low resolution until I can get a new graphics card.

Credit(s): Waterstar

Download - Fallout 4 – Light Blue Surgical Mask Retex

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