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Fallout 4 – Laser Silencers


Have you ever wanted to branch out into energy weapons and watch your enemies disintegrate into piles of dust while sneaking, but been unable to because they make too much noise? Well, be frustrated no more! Laser Silencers is a simple mod that adds the effects of a silencer/suppressor to the Gyro-compensating Lens and Quantum Gyro-compensating Lens on regular and Institute laser weapons. This has been extensively tested to ensure that the sound of the weapon firing does not draw more attention than the sound of firing a suppressed 10mm pistol or hunting rifle.

So far I have been unable to locate the attribute that calls for the actual sound file played, so I have been unable to swap the sound the player hears with a quieter one like suppressors on conventional firearms do. However, I felt like this was something people might like to take advantage of before I get it entirely squared away.

This is the first mod I’ve ever published, rather than just making for myself, so feedback and/or suggestions are appreciated. Even rude ones. I’ll just grin that someone bothered to send me a message and promptly delete it. I especially appreciate endorsements, as I base my entire value as a human being off of whether or not people like my mods.

Future updates are likely to include a swap of sound effects for suppressed energy weapons fire, the creation of the suppressor as a separate mod rather than just being tacked onto an existing mod, and potentially affecting other energy weapons as well.

Credits: dondorscha

File Details:760 B / ZIP
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