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Fallout 4 – Laser Pistol Size Adjustment


Fallout 4 Laser Pistol Size Adjustment.

I always hated the ginormous size of the vanilla laser pistol. The biggest issue is that the standard, comfort, and marksman, grips all look like they were designed for supermutants. The barrel was also enormously huge. Here, I’ve scaled down the size of both so the weapon would look more like a conventional handgun, and would better ergonomically fit in the players hand. You no longer have to look like a little kid with an adult-sized handgun.

Please note that if you like to put barrel attachments on the short barrel for the laser, you will find a gap between the attachment, and the muzzle of your weapon. The fix for this would be to remove, or delete, the files LaserPistolBarrel.nif, and LaserPistolBarrel_1.nif from your laserweapons folder.

If you do this, your pistol will have the vanilla sized barrel, again, and will no longer look exactly like the ones in my screenshots. The resized grip will remain, in place, though. Enjoy. =)

To install, unzip the file, then put the “Laserweapons” folder into Data>Meshes>Weapons. If you’re new to modding, or are missing either the Meshes folder, or Weapons folder, simply create them.

Credits: Auslander66
Test: This mod tested by newmods.net

File Details:440 KB / ZIP
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