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Fallout 4 – Kerrigan Bodysuit Gloves Color Changer

Kerrigan Bodysuit Gloves Color Changer for Fallout 4.

Guffeh – Kerrigan Bodysuit
flaicher – Kerrigan Bodysuit Color Change (Inspiration and esp knowhow)
vasstek – Kerrigan Gloves for glove textures

Without the initial work done by the above individuals this wouldn’t be possible.

Kerrigan Bodysuit Gloves Color Changer

This mod aims to simply make the gloves that come with the Kerrigan Bodysuit into a standalone item you can craft, then wear alongside the Kerrigan Bodysuit. By default the suit chooses the gloves color for you. In addition I’ve added a glow map, and ability to change the glow type of the gloves, gave the gloves ballistic weave, add-on mod, legendary mod, and lining mod.

This mod is built to not rely on the color change mod made by flaicher, so if you choose a single bodysuit color when installing the Kerrigan Bodysuit mod you can still use this mod alongside it. If you do use the Color Changer option be sure to download and install the patch.

Two more additional optional files are added to make the collar armored with ballistic weave, lining, and add-on mods. Depending on whether you’re using the Color Changer mod or not choose one or the other.

NOTE: My Radiation Resistance is high due to my using of the Ballistic weave extra resistances mod by FGmodule

Github Repo

Credits: ekoValkyrja

File Details:1KB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Kerrigan Bodysuit Gloves Color Changer -


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