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Fallout 4 – Humanindustry’s random t-shirts

Humanindustry’s random t-shirts for Fallout 4.

This mod adds 4 variants of the vanilla undershirt and jeans, found the vanilla textures pretty boring and wanted some variety. Also adds another 7 outfits with some different prints on the t-shirt, mainly taken from in game files that I found weird enough to use and that I haven’t seen other authors use yet. So it should be pretty lore friendly, except that it looks sorta clean.

Works for both male and female, and have one vanilla and one CBBE version depending on what you prefer. Amusingly enough, most of the prints looks worse the bigger the boobs are in proportion to the rest of the body, which is something that I will never ever change. Plastic surgery in a post apocalyptic wasteland where people haven’t been able to reinvent mirrors shouldn’t be perfect…

This mod requires Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) to work (made the mod while 1.71 was the most recent version, so might be good to have at least that version). Got way too many mods installed and AWKCR definately helps with the menu issues so it makes sense that more people use it until (hopefully) that idiotic menu cap can be removed in the future.

They can be crafted at the Armorsmith Workbench and don’t cost too much, gives you +2 charisma since the average wastelander will be in awe of your awesome taste in clothing. Or you can type “help t-shirt 4” in the ingame console and then type player.additem (space) and the code for whatever item you want. They can also be improved with ballistic weave and some other enhancements.

Credits: Riven 1978 for the flash sheets resource from which I used a few things from for these t-shirts. Valdacil and Gambit77 for AWKCR Caliente for CBBE Ousnius for Bodyslide

File Details:16 MB / RAR
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