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Fallout 4 – Higher Resistant Gas Masks


I was kinda disappointed the gas masks only gave 15 radiation resistance, and I also got a request to make a mod like this, so here it is. Made with FO4Edit. Increases the gas masks’ rad resist to 1000, the same as the hazard suit.

I’m not sure how radiation resistance in this game works, but I do know that the base value =/= percentage, otherwise power armor and the hazard suit would be overkill.

As of now this mod breaks the other mod that expands ballistic weave and allows it to be applied to these gas masks, however there are 2 ways to work around this:

1. Place the .esp above the expanded ballistic weave mod’s .esp (untested but it sounds like it would work)

2. Modify your apparel with ballistic weave first with this mod deactivated, then activate the mod. Your modifications should still hold up, however you won’t be able to modify the weave again unless you repeat this process. (Tested obviously, works just fine)

Credits: LolzMan1325

File Details:1 KB / ZIP
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