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Fallout 4 – Fully Functioning Space Suit


Fully Functioning Space Suit armour for Fallout 4.Fairly simple and pretty straightforward this is a working wearable version of the alien space suit that doesn’t turn you into the alien itself. Comes in two versions either Vanilla – Which makes it craftable at the Chem Lab or AWKCR – At its Armor workbench.

This mod does need AWKCR as well as Armorsmith extended since it use keywords from both.

If the textures look bad to you just know it uses the vanilla textures. However any retexture you get will work for this, as an example the see through visor is from Cat_woman1989’s Helmetless Hazmat Suit.

As of now the suit itself function just like the Hazmat suit offering 1500 Rad Resistance and the separate helmets add an additional 500. You can wear armor over it as well as mod it so adding any base dam resistance wasn’t necessary in my opinion

How to obtain:
These are only craftable if you have the blueprint in your inventory which you have to get off the alien itself. If you have already killed it just enter into the console player.additem xx000806 1

Either NMM or MO2 if manual just drop the meshes folder and esp into your data folder




Credits: Moore

File Details:1,6 MB / RAR
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