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Fallout 4 – Frost Dogmeat

Frost Dogmeat for Fallout 4.

Brings (a fully functional) Dogmeat back to Fallout Frost. And he’s doing, what dogs do best: Save your sanity!!

!! Only works with a new game !!
I love Frost. Really. But I felt lonely. So I resurrected Dogmeat. Well… I called him Jack, after a Thai street dog, I couldn’t save.
It’s the vanilla Dogmeat, with his starting quest (including the (mole)rats) and is a fully functional follower. I gave him better stats and attacks and his own template, so Frost dogs aren’t changed. You’ll find him at Sanctuary Red Rocket, where he’s fighting for his live.

Why version 0.5?
– Because I can’t for the life of me, find a way to get his carry weight right. Either he has a negative carry weight or too much. Help? Anyone?
– As Frost is not hard enough for me and I added some more nasty stuff, he might be a bit overpower when played with just Frost. Not sure about that.

Credits: thypride

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