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Fallout 4 – Female-to-Male Animation Replacer


While the female animations in Fallout 4 are not bad, they are still too “girly” for my tastes. To me the animations are not “male” and “female”, but “normal” and “girly”. And I hate “girly” animations. The animations with the weapon drawn are fine, but once you put your weapon away, you apparently find an invisible catwalk.Fallout 4 Animation mods.
So I replaced the female idle, walking, and running animations with the male ones. The furniture animations are untouched.
If I find an animation that does not fit, I might update.

If you do not like women walking and running like athletes or soldiers, this mod is not for you.
If you’re just bugged by the transition from standing to running for female characters, try my other mod: Stand-to-Run Animation Replacer

I am not an animation artist, I just dive into the file structure and pull out the things that I like.
I made this for myself, and thought that others might like it as well.

Installation: use NMM to download and install. No *.esp files involved.

Credits: Wuestenratte

File Details:273 KB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Female-to-Male Animation Replacer -


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