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Fallout 4 – Female Idle Customization


A very simple mod that allows you to replace the 8 FEMALE idle flavors (see What is a Flavor? below) with those
of your choice (currently 19 animations, 8 vanilla, 11 new). It is quite simply a file swap with a rename.
However, by using NMM to install, it offers a huge amount of possible combinations. (currently 75,582 if I worked that out right!)

In relation to the reference images…
I have tried to take a screenshot at a moment in the animation that best represents it. Obviously being an animation, it is
best experienced in motion. This mod is safe to uninstall and reinstall, so feel free to play around to find the ones you want.

How To Install Mod

1. Unzip the “Idle Hands – Female Idle Customization vX.X” file into a temp folder.

2. You’ll notice a HEAP of folders. This lets NMM order everything nicely.
– there might have been a better way but I am very new to this

3. At the top of the list should be a folder named “000 IF Renamed”.
– this contains all the idle flavor animations, renamed to match my reference pics
– all other folders just contain renamed duplicates
– Copy “000 IF Renamed” folder somewhere safe and delete temp folder

4. Select the animation you want and copy it into:
– create these folders if they don’t already exist

5. Rename the copied file to:
– PoseA_IdleFlavor1.hkx

6. Rinse and Repeat for each animation, naming the copied files sequentially:
– ie.
second file copied – PoseA_IdleFlavor2.hkx
third file copied – PoseA_IdleFlavor3.hkx
– this can be done 8 times (up to PoseA_IdleFlavor8.hkx)

** As a side note, male characters seem to have 9 Idle Flavor positions… I’ve been using PoseA_IdleFlavor9.hkx
for my female character, but have yet to see the specific idle play. This needs more testing, but I will release
a 9th IF position for females if I confirm it works. **

Credits: H1v3m1nd

File Details:9,1 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Female Idle Customization -


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