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Fallout 4 – Enclave Officer

Enclave-Officer-fallout4modsEnclave Officer armour mod for Fallout 4.

This replaces the synth outfit with that of a Enclave Officer.

Vasstek Was kind enough to make this stand alone and made is
Rail road ballistic wave compatible and legendary modification compatible as well.

Can be crafted under the utility section at the chemical station.


Edit your Fallout4.ini (wich is found in Documents/My Games/Fallout 4):

Change this line

To this
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\,

Then drop the textures folder into your Fallout4/Data Folder

Delete textures/clothes/synthuniform

Credits: Raziel990088

File Details:6,9 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Enclave Officer -


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