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Fallout 4 – Dog Combat Armours – Standalone and Craftable


Dog Combat Armours – Standalone and Craftable mod for Fallout 4.

What is this?

This mod adds 2 new armour sets and a gas mask for Dogmeat and any other dog in Fallout, they are made from parts of the human combat armour models, so I guess it’s Dogbat armour? Comdog armour? I don’t know, some funny name like that. I’m honestly surprised no-one had done anything like this sooner.

How do I obtain it?

Both armours and the gas mask are added to levelled lists, meaning raider dogs and such should spawn with the armour on, the light armour spawns a level 10, the heavy at level 17, and the gas mask at level 7. They are also both craftable at the Chem station under the Utility tab.

Extra Notes

First off I’m not very experienced in modding Fallout 4, so there’s a decent chance I did something wrong along the way, and there’s also a decent chance I’ll have no idea how to fix some issues that might crop up, I’ll greatly appreciate any help should anything go wrong with this mod.

Secondly I don’t often get a lot of spare time to mess around with this sort of thing, so please don’t expect incredibly fast responses or fixes if anything goes wrong, however I will try my best

Thirdly these models use the vanilla textures, so if you’ve installed a mod that replaces any of the textures used here, they will also change the textures of these models.


Huge thanks to Tyrannicon for featuring my mod in his wonderful video!


Download the mod with Mod Manager and install as you would every other mod.


Nope, not letting you uninstall this, you’re stuck with it forever.


Credits: Ghouls0Rules

File Details:1,4 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – Dog Combat Armours – Standalone and Craftable -


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