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Fallout 4 – Delmark’s 2k Formal Hat

Delmark’s 2k Formal Hat for FS17.

This is a 2k resolution retexture of the Formal Hat. You have two choices of color; Vanilla and True Black. Vanilla matches the default Clean Black Suit texture while True Black matches better with 4k suit retextures. I’ll be releasing a 4k retexture of all of the Clean Suits soon, but please use TwistedMethod’s wonderful 4k Black Suit and Tuxedo mod for the time being.

Once you’ve picked your color, you have four variants to pick from:

1) Plain
2) With Binding
3) With Feather
4) With Feather & Binding

Download the variant you desire and extract the archive to your Data folder.

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Credits: Delmark

File Details:24,4 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Delmark’s 2k Formal Hat - Modsup.com

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