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Fallout 4 – Daft Punk Leather Jacket


Daft Punk Leather Jacket for Fallout 4. This mod is a NexusMods Exclusive. If you see it on any other Mod site it was not authorized by me!
*You should never trust a 3rd party uploader*

Daft Punk Leather Jacket
A leather jacket from my two favorite DJs Thomas and Guy-Man!
You can Support them HERE!

Stand-Alone, does NOT replace any other Armor or Clothes!

“Work it Harder”
Endurance +1 and 5 Physical Resistance

“Make it Better”
Charisma +1 and Up-gradable with Ballistic Weave

“Do it Faster”
Regain AP a bit faster

“Makes us Stronger!”
+1 Strength

Hour after Hour you will enjoy this awesome Leather Jacket!

*Now Includes “Get Lucky” T-Shirt*
New “Get Lucky” T-Shirt will give you a +2 Luck!

Two methods of crafting!
Chemistry Station – For those who don’t use Crafting Workbenches
Crafting Workenches – For use with drdanzel’s Crafting Workbenches!

Credits: TotalMeltdown

File Details:7,8 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – Daft Punk Leather Jacket -


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