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Fallout 4 – CSGO Inspired Curved Knife Karambit


CSGO Curved Knife The Karambit for Fallout 4 mods.

The Karambit – CSGO Inspired Curved Knife

This is a Karambit. It’s a knife, a curved knife.

13 base damage, drops from raiders and gunners, and does bleed damage.

There’s two blades, but it’s more for aesthetics than anything, they both have the same stats and the same build requirements.

Now if you’ll excuse me, before I published this I put some macaroni on the stove and I’m pretty sure it’s boiling over.



The macaroni did not boil over. It was tasty.

Weapon skins when I don’t suck a texturing.

Wouldn’t it be super fucking cool if there was like a deathclaw claw karambit? Like shit man. I’m totally doing that. Eventually. Probably not in the same mod, but as a seperate weapon. ANYWAY IT’D BE COOL RIGHT

Please report any issues you have to me in the comments or bugs section right away, I’ll fix it I swear

Also, user submitted screenshots are always welcome! I love getting this, and I’ll pop your name in the bottom right and put them in the official mod screenshots if they’re really pretty.

Also side note, if you make music you should toooottallllyyy contact me, so I can use it in some of my new mod videos! You know, the mods that don’t exist yet.

– Ah, a custom mesh? You must be one of those psychos using 3DS Max.

– No, infact. Everything in this mod was created using open source software, I used Blender to make the mesh. If you’d like a tutorial on how to do this yourself, I’ve made a video just for you.

– YO MIKE, I have like 50 weapons and only one is showing up in my game, WHAT’S THE DEALIO
– You need to make a Bashed/Merged patch in FO4Edit, yo. I’ve got a video for you.

– What, no factory new crimson spider web superduper ultraviolet skin?

– Alright first off I don’t even actually play CS:GO, I just had this suggested to me, and I liked the way the knife looked. Second, I’m actually not that great at texturing, so if I was to make some super pretty texture you’d probably be really underwhelmed. I will get to making material mods for these guys eventually, just not right now.

– Are you ok

– Yeah my Councillor said I was on “The edge of normal” so I’m clinically fine.

– So I noticed this nnoobbeater guy copied your description, are you the same person/should I yell at him for copying you?

– No, nnoobbeater’s name is Nick, and we run a YouTube channel together. Links are below if you’re into that shit.

Credits: MikeMoore
Test: This mod tested by newmods.net

File Details:10,1 MB / ZIP
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