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Fallout 4- CROSS Eyepatch and Horn

A very familiar eyepatch, and a strange protrusion from the skull. Goggles as a bonus! Wearable by male and female characters, this mod adds 5 items as listed below:
Eyepatch, under goggles™
Eyepatch, and Horn™
Eyepatch, under goggles, and horn™
‘Demon’ Horn only™

For the sake of independence all items can be built at a CHEM STATION, for other items seen in the screenshots check my other mod, CROSS GEAR.


The Eyepatch™/Horn™ included in this mod are modeled from scratch by myself, and textured with a compilation of freely available images and my own hand-drawn textures. No assets were taken from games other than Fallout 4™. I can provide .PSD/.max files to admins if there is an issue.

Made with, but not required to use:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
outfit studio, by Ousnius,
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via matierals

Credits: Niero

File Details:3,2 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4- CROSS Eyepatch and Horn -


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