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Fallout 4 – Children of Ug-Qualtoth

Children of Ug-Qualtoth for Fallout 4.

Children of Ag-Kvaltot is a fascinating lovecraft quest mod with an extensive dungeon, unique enemies, specially composed music and new weapons. Follow the footsteps of Dunwich company and discover its alarming, long forgotten past.

Instructions: to start the quest, you must get the 10th level (minimum), and then sleep

– An extensive dungeon with content for 1-2 + hours
– Enemies with a unique AI (such as those of crying Angels from Doctor Who or SCP-173)
– Specially composed ambient music and sound engineering by DanielVictory
– Two new weapons with unique mechanics

– Mod Managers: Download or download directly from Nexus Mods, and then install using the mod manager.
– Manual installation: Extract the files and put the Data folder in … \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Fallout 4.

– Mods that edit the entrance to the dungeon can cause problems, but there is a hatch near the location of the dungeon that will also allow you to access the dungeon.
– Mods that modify npc ghoul / people animations can cause combat balance issues.

Credits: JonySnowball

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