Fallout 4 – Cait – Clothing Rexture – Harley Quinn inspired


GET TO THE POINT YOU JERK!” – Okay – Cait’s wearing a retextured, unimmersive armor. Find her, save the world. Enjoy. (It’s also a work-in-progress so don’t be super-hyped)

Unzip the mod to the following location:

Steamapps > Common > Fallout 4 > Data >

Full folder address: ( Steamapps > Common > Fallout 4 > Data >Textures > Clothes > Cait )

Okay, with that out of the way – Time for a small introduction.


Want your own Harley Quinn outfit loosely based on Arkham City and Suicide Squad? Well, I’m sorry to say it’s still a little too early for a polished mod with high textures/custom mesh, but I do have an alpha version for you if you want it. For now, here’s a retexture of Cait’s armor, which you’ll naturally find on her, but if you want it – you can just borrow it from her.

Near future updates:

Updating pants with better textures. Definetly.


I’m DC Comicbook nerd, and I saw Cait prefering to use a baseball bat, much like Harley Quinn. So I thought I’d give her a matching attire (and a custom bat for later).

Potential nerdy question: “Why not create Black Canary instead? She’s actually Irish.”
… Dude, just.. Okay…?

Potential complaint: “The corset itself looks blocky.”
I didn’t deisgn the mesh. But I will probably do a more flattering one in the near future. Give it time.

More potential complaint: “I don’t like the mod ” or “Stuff could be much better!”

Sure thing. Sorry I suppose. Doing my best

Credit(s): BetterCallLars

Download - Fallout 4 – Cait – Clothing Rexture – Harley Quinn inspired

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