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Fallout 4 – Bone Weapons

bone-weapons-fallout4modsAdds 2 weapons (for now) to the game. More are planned. They are standalone.

For now:
– bullet eater pistol
– Blood harvester 2h scyte

– Gut ripper 2h sword
– Boom Bones 2h rocket(skull) launcher.
– …. (ideas are welcome.)

How? Add the items with the cosole command. Type help eater 0, find the code and type. Player.additem (code) 1. The 1 is verry importend without it the game will crash when you load the weapon.
You do not have to do this for the blood harvester.

These items will be added to the gameworld when the CK is released. When i try it now, the game just crashes or it has HUGE bugs with it.

Credits: Lagrie

File Details:240 KB / ZIP
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