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Fallout 4 – Belthan’s Clothes


Belthan’s Clothes for Fallout 4.

I can’t start working on Vidi, Vici, Veni in earnest until the construction kit is released, but enough tools are finally available to get a head start on some outfits. I’m not very far along the learning curve yet, and v0.9 just contains my first two successful experiments: a conversion of the kid’s striped t-shirt and jeans for adults, and a conversion of the laundered blue dress for kids (not particularly useful unless you also have Playable Children, Nat Companion, or similar). The striped t-shirt has identical stats to the vanilla undershirt and jeans, and can be worn under any armor pieces. Some armor pieces will probably clip, especially the legs since the jeans aren’t skin-tight. I’ll probably update this with more outfits in the future, and make them craftable. At the moment, you can only get them with console commands:

help striped 4
help laundered 4

In the list that is presented, find the Object ID for “Striped T-Shirt and Jeans” and use it in the following command (NN will vary depending on where the mod is in your load order, but they should end in 800 for the kid’s dress and 802 for the striped t-shirt outfit).

player.additem NN000800 1
player.additem NN000802 1

Credits: Belthan

File Details:200 KB / ZIP
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