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Fallout 4 – Batman Armor Standalone

Batman-Armor-fallout4mods-2 Batman Armor Standalone mod for Fallout 4.It adds to the game a standalone Batman inspired armor and helmet. MALE ONLY.

They can be built at a chem station (look for them at Utilities).
Or you can use the console:
XX00080F Batman Armor – XX000812 Batman Helmet (Where XX is the load order of the esp plugin)
You can use the command “help batman 4” to get the complete ID’s.



NMM Users – Download my file and install with NMM as you usually would.
Manual – Extract the files and drag and drop them over your data folder.

Be sure to add the name of the .ESP file (BatmanArmor.esp) to your plugins.txt file (C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Fallout4/Plugins.txt) and set to read-only when you are done to stop the launcher from resetting your plugins.txt (due to the recent patch).

To enable modding add the following lines to FO4 ini files:
[Launcher] bEnableFileSelection=1

[Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1


This mod is standalone and uses all unique meshes, materials and textures, so should not run in to any compatibility issues.


Feel free to use any part of this mod as long as you credit my work.

Thanks to Bethesda for this awesome game.
And many thanks to the creators of this magnificent tools:
Bethesda Archive Extractor (B.A.E.) by jonwd7
FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha by ElminsterAU
Material Editor by Ousnius
Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop

Credits: z31t
- Fallout 4 V2.0

File Details:8,7 MB / RAR
Download Fallout 4 – Batman Armor Standalone -


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