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Fallout 4 – Automatron Helmets Fix – Allows Masks and Eyewear

Automatron Helmets Fix – Allows Masks and Eyewear mod for Fallout 4.


Very simple fix that allows you to wear masks and eyewear beneath the Assaultron and Eyebot helmets. I didn’t include the Sentrybot helmet since it covers everything. Of course it requires you to have the Automatron DLC installed.

**Try wearing the Assaultron helmet with the Rebel Gasmask from L0rdofWar’s The Rebel mod

Q. How come I get CTDs?
A. You have another mod that changes the assaultron and eyebot helmet entries. Your load order is incompatible with the mod. Consider choosing. I’m not going to make patches for every Automatron mod that comes out.

Install via NMM or extract to Data folder and activate the ESP.

The mod is now compatible with AkemiNakamura’s mod that allows ballistic weave to be added to the other armor items of the Automatron DLC. You cand find it here Automatron equipment can now use ballistic weave If you want to use both mods together, install mine last.

Credits: doctrderp

File Details:800 Bytes / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – Automatron Helmets Fix – Allows Masks and Eyewear -


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