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Fallout 4 – AQS Caps and Masks

AQS Caps and Masks for Fallout 4.

Caps and Masks, by AlanQSmithee


This mod adds six new hats and six bandanas, all craftable, with unique textures and normal maps. They fit men, women and (in the case of the bandanas) dogs alike. The hats are based on Piper’s reporter hat and the vanilla newsboy cap, and the masks are all based on the vanilla bandana, though I’ve given it what I think is a more realistic wrinkled cloth effect, which is less solid and plasticy looking.

The hats:
* Leather newsboy cap
* Black leather newsboy cap
* Faded leather newsboy cap
* Yellow plaid cabbie hat
* Blue plaid cabbie hat
* Red plaid cabbie

The masks:
* Buckaroo
* Festus Fanclub
* Heartburner
* Hot Lips
* Grinning skull
* Vault Boy

How to get them: You can craft them at a Crafting Workbench mod clothing station under the Mask and Hat categories.

Installation: Manual only at the moment. Unzip the file and drag and drop the Data folder (it contains a “AQSCapsandMasks.esp” file and Textures, Meshes and Materials folders) into your Fallout 4 directory. It won’t overwrite anything.

Uninstallation: Uncheck the .esp and delete the Textures, Meshes and Materials folders from the mod.

For bug reports or other feedback, see the forum thread at the Nexus page for this mod.

Credits: AQS

File Details:5,1 MB / ZIP
Download Fallout 4 – AQS Caps and Masks -


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