Fallout 4 – Aperture Coat (Father’s Coat Replacement)


Aperture Coat (Father’s Coat Replacement) mod for Fallout 4.

It’s here! It’s new! And It’s Science! So earlier this morning I was browsing the Pipboy section of the Nexus and found one that is supposed to be from Portal 2. I thought it was great! However I felt we could also use some clothes to go with it! Well…Ta da! Now you can travel the Commonewealth as an employee of Aperture Science! Sadly Portal Gun is not included.

Remember this is a replacement of Father’s coat NOT a standalone. I sadly don’t know how to do that. If anyone wishes to use my textures for anything or create a standalone then by all means go for it! I give my permission. Just be sure to credit me and if you can link me to the mod. That is all I ask.

There are two variants to this mod. Choose which one you prefer. One variant has a white shirt the other has a black shirt.


1.) Edit your Fallout4.ini (Documents/My Games/Fallout 4):
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\ to sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\

2.) Extract your files to the Fallout 4 Directory or rather extract the textures into your data folder.

3.) Turn on and enjoy!

Credit(s): Jckspacy

Download - Fallout 4 – Aperture Coat (Father’s Coat Replacement)

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