Fallout 4 – Prelude To Vault 273

Prelude To Vault 273 Quest for Fallout 4. Adds a breadcrumb trail of audio logs scatterd across the wasteland. 5 unique items and craftables, 10 audio logs, 5 unique buffs from dabearz!

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Fallout 4 – PRE-CK – Quest – XMAS Mod

Pre-CK mod… It’s that time of year again! Remade from (inspired by) a Skyrim mod of mine. 

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Fallout 4 – Come At Me Bro – Defend The Castle Extended

It always irked me that the two coolest settlement defense quests seemed to be one time gigs. So after examining the quest in FO4Edit I found out that this quest is supposed to be radiant…

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