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Falcons Generic Focus Hearts of Iron IV

A brand new generic focus tree !

I was bored with the generic focus tree and found it to be quite the opposite of fun to me while playing a lot of generic countries. So I made my own, feedback is appreciated (this description will be improved later).


Should be compatible with all DLCs as far as I know, but doesn’t require any of them. If someone has an issue due to a missing DLC, don’t hesitate to notify me, I’ll do all I can to make it as vanilla-compatible as possible.

For other mods compatibility, this one only overrides the generic focus file and not a single other one. So unless a mod overrides the generic focus file or seriously messes with core concepts of the game, this should work just fine.

Why did you even bother ?

I play a lot of tiny countries in Hearts of Iron IV, and since a looong time ago. I just love starting as an underdog and rising up to try and have an impact on the world, but the generic focus tree has always been bugging me off. The problem isn’t in “how it’s weak or powerful”, in my opinion : some parts of it are almost insultingly useless while others are stupidly powerful and easy to reach, allowing mostly for cheesy strategies to be used.

Credits: Jean-Jacques Falcon

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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